Cruising Oceans On Latitudes above 51° North - The Cool Route

The Cool Route, a world class cruising grounds for sailing and motor vessels is the main project ouput. Traditionally these craft voyaged almost exclusively in seas such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean. This is begining to change and the coastlines from Cork to Tromso are already seeing an increase in visiting vessles. These range from private cruising yachts and motor vessels, to larger superyachts and also garden liners, carying perhaps 100 or so passengers and which can enter into ports and harbours along the Cool Route coasts. The project aims to market and increase awareness of the many attractions of coastal areas of the Northern Periohery and Arctic zone. These include fantasic scenery, amazing history and culture. The first Cool Routers were the Vikings who travelled from Norway to the coast of Southern Ireland in the early 9th.Century. The route was a principal highway fir trade in the middle ages, its richness also includes h7gh quality foids and crafts, a wide range of activity pursuits , music and wildlife. The projects mian focus is to engance and provide new business opportunities for a wide range of Marine and Tourism related SMEs located throughout the Cool Route. Follow the Cool Route on Twitter #eucoolroute and


Project Manager: Dr. Breda Kenny
Lead Partner organisation: Cork Institute of Technology

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